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  • Cheap and Fashionable: Shopping for Used Clothing

    A lot of people have misconceptions about used clothing. They believe that the only thing that they’ll find is decades out of date, that the places they shop at will be gross and that only poor people shop at those places. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can get all sorts of great deals by shopping for used clothing, and find some very stylish wares. Here are some tips for shopping for used clothing:

    Set a Limit – Before you go out shopping, decide how much money you plan to spend that day. This will prevent you from going overboard, and make it more interesting. If you decide that you’re only going to spend $20.00 that day, it will become a competition to see how much great stuff you can get for $20.00.

    Go With a Pro – If you’re new to shopping for used clothing, find out if any of your friends already do it. They’ll be able to share the best places to go, and all the tips and tricks they know about the used clothing stores and shopping for used clothes in general. They’ll also be able to give you a second opinion to help you figure out what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

    Try Things On – Sizes have varied quite a bit in the last couple of decades. Today’s clothes have a much looser fit, so if there’s a dressing room available, try on the clothing before taking it home with you.

    Trash Your Prejudices – Many people think that thrift stores and used clothing shops are nasty dirty places. A few of them are, but the majority are high-quality stores in which you can get some great deals. Find a couple of shops that you like, and you’ll never go back!

    Keep an Eagle Eye – Nobody wants to go home and find out their new shirt has a button missing or their pants have an unwanted hole in them. Check over the items you intend to purchase very well and make sure there’s not something there that would make you not want them.

    Layers – Even if a shirt has a bit of a stain on a sleeve, it still might be worth getting. If it has a great color for wearing under a sweater, don’t immediately pass it up.

    Accessories – Used clothing stores are also great for accessories such as hats and belts. There’s no reason to fork over $25.00 for a new belt when you can get one at a thrift store for just a few bucks.

    Specials – Second hand clothing stores do run periodic specials, so watch out for sales.

    Stock Rotation – If you go to the same store, ask when they rotate stock. They get new shipments of clothing on a regular basis, and often have extra stock in the back. If you go when the new stock’s just been put out, you can the first chance at the new inventory, rather than just picking over what others didn’t want.

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  • High Fashion Clothing for a Fraction of the Price

    Shopping High Fashion Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget.

    Skater Wear
    Skater Wear

    There are plenty of brand names out there that sell women’s fashion at outrageous prices. Don’t get me wrong, the style and quality you’re getting is most of the time satisfying. But what about women who can’t afford Holt Renfrew or Bloomingdale? The thing is, to look dressy doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot more money. Neither does changing your wardrobe mean emptying your bank account. So how to go about having a dressier wardrobe? The answer came to me after my own personal experience when I decided to change my style a couple of years ago from casual skaterish to sophisticated career wear. Maybe women out there can use a few of these tips:

    Shop at stores that sell brand names for less – Start shopping at stores that sell brand names at a discounted price. Some ideal stores are Nordstrom Rack (States), Winners, Army & Navy, and Superstore. Yes, that’s right. You can find decent clothes at Superstore. There’s a brand called Joe and they are under the exact same company as Club Monaco. Their quality is quite good and you are paying much less than you would at a big mall. Their prices drop even lower when things go on sale. I recommend their $30 jeans and tank tops and in the summer they have nice dresses. Nordstrom Rack is a good place for shoes and women’s coats and jackets, Winners also has a decent selection of shoes and a huge selection of genuine leather hand bags, and Army & Navy has 3/4 sleeve shirts and blouses, etc.

    Buy clothes on sale – Give yourself a challenge and only buy clothing that’s on sale. Army & Navy sells a lot of brand name items but rarely do any of my friends visit Army & Navy. It could be the assumption that they sell items that are used or not in good condition. Army & Navy sells brand names at low prices and many other styles and items that you would see over priced at a mall. Personally I love the Army & Navy shoe sale that happens once a year in the spring. If you need a pair of heels you can get them for $40 or less. Other than that they currently have vests and sweaters for under $20.

    Shop consignment – There’s a whole bunch of consignment stores that offer good deals on boots and accessories. One tip to look dressier is to wear accessories. Stylise with gold or silver chained necklaces, bangles, elegant pendants and earrings rather than dog tag necklaces and baseball caps and you can get a totally different look.

    Outlets – Outlets are known to sell items at a cheap price. However it’s also said that they sell items that are not as good quality as they are in the malls. That there are specific items produced by that brand specifically to be sold in outlets. But it’s also preference as well and personally I find it easier to shop for smaller sizes at outlets and there’s more varieties. The quality I never found too bad and I would always find something on sale.

    yard sale clothes
    Yard Sale Clothes

    Yard Sale/Garage Sale – Perhaps it’s time to get rid of some sneakers or ripped jeans you have in order to afford a pair of dress pants. Try holding a sale in the summer and visit a neighbour’s yard sale too to collect some new condition items that are probably worn once or twice. Many people advertise these in sites such as craigslist and there are good brand names like Juicy Couture, Gap, Banana Republic, Mexx, etc. But don’t always just look at the brand for dressy clothes. Make sure you wear the style that fits your body.

    Shop off season – Buy things when they are going out of season. It’s currently summer in August but it will be Fall very soon. All the summer items are going on sale. Purchase that short sleeved blouse and dressy capri pants now! Cause you know you’ll need them for next summer if not now

    Shop online – If you are sure of your size and measurements, shop online for discounts. Sometimes there’s more stock online than there is at the stores. Try Forever21.com or GoJane.com. They have an awesome selection of women’s clothing for great prices. A lot of good styles are $20 or less and don’t forget to check their clearance section.

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  • Life, Death and Jewellery

    Jewellery has such a wide variety of channels to receive different effects in regards to designing handmade jewellery for young girls and teenagers. Jewellery has also been used as a present to provide in the shape of worship and several people nowadays can be observed wearing a cross around their neck to reveal their faith. Jewellery has at all times been a significant quality of unique cultures and civilisations. The procedure for getting all these products especially inexpensive jewellery is very simple, and simple to perform. The best thing of gold-plated jewellery is the fact that it is so very affordable! Photographing jewellery can be complicated, but using a few concepts and budget below US$500 it’s possible to attain near-professional appearance of the photographs. Should you be considering coloured jewellery don’t forget to settle on a colour she like to wear.

    Type of Jewellery

    Silver can prevent several infections and development of bacteria too. It can be used, but it must be cleaned regularly to prevent tarnishing. It helps in maintaining a peaceful and healthy mind. For a lot of people, Gold isn’t something which they would wear everyday, as it makes everything seem slightly more proper than it actually must be. More than that, new sorts of gold appear every single day. It is generally available in the UK in 9ct 14ct and 18ct purity standards This carat value refers to the amount of gold which is in the alloy. You’re assured to get 22k gold if you make a purchase from them.

    Generally jewellery shops should supply a high degree of service, they’ll be pleased to measure your fingers and will often have knowledgeable employees who will be able to help you choose the most suitable style and metal to select and also answer any questions you’ve got. When you visit a jewellery store, the range is extremely limited and you need to choose only from a specific set of designs. On-line jewellery stores supply you with a several selection, from earrings in order to gem stone jewellery, coming from bands and bands in order to timepieces and distinctive goods (regarding special situations). By surfing the internet you may discover there are a number of internet jewellery stores offering beautiful and affordable engagement rings.

    The Good, the Bad and Jewellery

    Among assorted kinds of jewellery, rings are regarded as the most popular. In addition the wedding rings are arguably the most significant wedding purchase and it is a great notion to be certain to have enough budget for those rings you desire. Today if you’d like then you can readily buy beautiful and refined rings for cheap rates. Though a one-off hand-made ring will be more expensive, it’s an exceptional piece and a lot of customers will delight in taking part in the plan approach. Diamond engagement rings are costly and lifetime commitment so that you must look after your diamond ring.

    Life After Jewellery

    Jewelry can be created from almost anything. It comes in numerous forms and made of a huge range of materials. Today, there’s a wide assortment of jewelry available for purchase. Today, everyone can create their own jewelry. The costlier, pricier the material the more costlier, pricier jewelry will be. Such beaded jewelry are indeed trendy in addition to hardy than every other sort of jewelry which is available and also is of fantastic choice by working women all around the world.

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  • Pearl Necklace

    A Pearl Necklace is a great illustration of the interests and passions that this author holds dear that it’s perhaps surprising that we haven’t talked about them before.  Well, it is now a great time to look at pearls.

    Sometimes, in our opinion, a classic piece of jewellery can be too classic, this is fine if you happen to be the queen or a member of the royal family.  Of course the queen can get away with being as classic as she wants, because the popular opinion is that she should be.  But let’s be honest, the queen is in a very specific niche.

    If you’re a bit more adventurous, you may wear a Pearl Necklace in a way that is deliberately set to clash with popular opinions of how pearls should be worn – your sex, for example.  One of the biggest pearl wearers of recent times has been Giambattista Valli, who is not often seen without a stunning Pearl  Necklace, which was sourced for him in India by a Jeweller friend.  But, if like me you’re pretty traditional when it comes gender boundaries and clothing, you may find pearls are hard work.  They may be beautiful, lustrous and opalescent, which are aspects that traditionally alleged to flatter the skin, but the downside is that the traditional and dreary settings can age the wearer by a couple of decades.

    This is not the fault of the pearls themselves.  They are fundamentally stunning jewels, even when when looking at the cheaper versions.  This could be the reason why designers seldom if ever changed their settings or designs much over the last couple few decades.

    Now – thank goodness – with the success of newer design choices, such as Dior’s asymmetric Stud Earrings, designers are now taking a fresh look at pearls are changing up their designs and finally getting creative, just look at some of the newer Pearl Necklace designs at My Pearls.  There are Pearl Necklaces to be worn singly, as mismatched pearls, floating pearls, pearls that jut out at odd angles and a whole host of other design options.  They may be white Akoyas, or traditional pink coloured Asos.  They can cost just a few pounds or run up to many thousands.  Some will flake in a few minutes and other will be heirlooms and last a lifetime.  Pay what you want and take your pick.

    Pearl Styles
    Pearl Styles

    Get out your old Pearl Necklaces and get another strand of pearls, now wear the the two together to create a new style, it’s all about how you wear it and now what you wear. it.

    Take a look at FabFasionFix for even more ideas and inspirations on how to wear pearls.


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  • 3 Reasons To Get A Jewelry Appraisal

    There are a lot of people who have a large collection of jewelry sitting around in their homes, but they have no idea how much any of it is worth. If you thing getting a jewelry appraisal is a waste of time and money, here are three reasons why you should reconsider your opinion.

    Your Home Owners Or Renters Insurance Doesn’t Protect Your Jewelry

    A major misconception that a lot of people have about home owner or renters insurance will cover lost or stolen jewelry. In reality, a typical insurance policy will not cover your jewelry! In most cases, you will have to have a different policy for your valuable jewelry. Getting this policy will require you to have a jewelry appraiser check out your jewelry and put a monetary value on all of it.

    All Jewelry Is Valuable

    Some people think that their jewelry is not very valuable. Just because you only have a few pieces, there is still a lot of value in those pieces! If a thief were to get a hold of your jewelry, they will probably make a pretty good amount of money off of your stuff! Even if you only have a few hundred dollars worth of jewelry in your home, if it were lost or stolen, it would be a few hundred dollars that you lose out on- not to mention the sentimental value associated with the pieces stolen from you. Getting an appraisal will allow you to insure your stuff, even if it’s only a small policy.

    Jewelry Thieves Are Always On The Prowl

    Face it… Not every human being is an honest person. There are thieves all around us! Especially when our economy is in such bad shape. Family members are stealing from each other; Friends are stealing from each other; And even children are stealing from their parents! When someone has to choose between letting their families starve or stealing your jewelry, which choice do you think they will take? Get your jewelry appraised and insured to protect yourself!

    Protect Yourself and Your Investment

    Jewelry is never cheap. There is always some sort of value attached to it. It is the job of an appraiser to determine the monetary value, but there is more than just money in the value of your jewelry. Maybe you have a pair of earrings that your son gave you for mothers day, or you have a watch that your daughter bought you for fathers day. You may not wear these pieces anymore, but in your mind, they are probably priceless! An appraisal and insurance policy will help protect your priceless jewelry!