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  • African American College Fashion Trends for Fall

    If you take a look around the metro Atlanta area, you’ll see some really interesting trends in fashion amongst African American college students. No longer are college students content to drag themselves to class in T-shirts and sweats; they are now turning university hallways into fashion runways. Ironically, a recent issue of Essence magazine focused on some of these new trends, singling out a select few students whose personal style directly reflects these trends. Some of the styles are reminiscent of decades past. Others are mixtures of classic pieces with modern ones. On college campuses, popular fashion is a lot more colorful than it used to be…
    The Jaunty Fedora
    The fedora has been a fashion staple for many decades. Until now, the hat has been associated with mature, sophisticated ensembles. But on African American college campuses, you’ll see the fedora accompanying jeans with suspenders, leggings, and funky T-shirts. Celebs like Vanessa Simmons (one of Reverend Run’s “Daddy’s Girls”) and actress Meagan Good have been rocking the fedora all summer. But this jaunty little hat has coasted its way into fall.
    The Saggy Skinny
    Not too long ago, there was controversy over “sagging”-a trend that allows for a male’s entire boxer-clad derriere to be seen over the top of the pants. But a new twist has been placed on this phenomenon: the sagging of male “skinny jeans.” At first considered a metrosexual trend, this style is slowly meandering its way into mainstream fashion. In fact, celebrities like Chris Brown, and even rapper Lil Wayne have donned this interesting style.
    Neon Lights

    If colors seem a little brighter on college campuses, it’s because they are. Directly from 1980’s comes the neon trend, a style making its way onto shirts, jeans, jackets, and anything else that adorns the human body. You’ll see lots of these juicy colors in particular on some of the newest high-top sneakers hitting the market. For some examples, check out Adidas’ Conductor Hi Sneakers, or even Kanye West’s newest athletic shoe line.
    Rock and Grunge
    It only takes one spin around your radio dial to hear some of the rock influences in today’s hip-hop and R&B music. It was only a matter of time before the fashion caught up with this musical trend. The Mohawk haircut has already eased its way from rock and Goth subcultures, into the urban scene (for both young men and women.) But now you’ll see young African American males donning skinny ties, long pocket key chains, and other edgy accessories.
    Grown Man Gear
    There are some African American college students who are taking the Gentleman Look into the mainstream by mixing urban influences with more conservative pieces for a completely innovative look. One of the main celebrities to introduce this trend is Outkast’s Andre 3000, with his Benjamin Bixby clothing line. The line consists of crisp shirts, newsboy caps, bowties, and short pants (affectionately known as “knickers.”) The overall effect screams “dapper with an edge”-and is cropping up all over major metropolitan cities.