High Fashion Clothing for a Fraction of the Price

Shopping High Fashion Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget.

Skater Wear
Skater Wear

There are plenty of brand names out there that sell women’s fashion at outrageous prices. Don’t get me wrong, the style and quality you’re getting is most of the time satisfying. But what about women who can’t afford Holt Renfrew or Bloomingdale? The thing is, to look dressy doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot more money. Neither does changing your wardrobe mean emptying your bank account. So how to go about having a dressier wardrobe? The answer came to me after my own personal experience when I decided to change my style a couple of years ago from casual skaterish to sophisticated career wear. Maybe women out there can use a few of these tips:

Shop at stores that sell brand names for less – Start shopping at stores that sell brand names at a discounted price. Some ideal stores are Nordstrom Rack (States), Winners, Army & Navy, and Superstore. Yes, that’s right. You can find decent clothes at Superstore. There’s a brand called Joe and they are under the exact same company as Club Monaco. Their quality is quite good and you are paying much less than you would at a big mall. Their prices drop even lower when things go on sale. I recommend their $30 jeans and tank tops and in the summer they have nice dresses. Nordstrom Rack is a good place for shoes and women’s coats and jackets, Winners also has a decent selection of shoes and a huge selection of genuine leather hand bags, and Army & Navy has 3/4 sleeve shirts and blouses, etc.

Buy clothes on sale – Give yourself a challenge and only buy clothing that’s on sale. Army & Navy sells a lot of brand name items but rarely do any of my friends visit Army & Navy. It could be the assumption that they sell items that are used or not in good condition. Army & Navy sells brand names at low prices and many other styles and items that you would see over priced at a mall. Personally I love the Army & Navy shoe sale that happens once a year in the spring. If you need a pair of heels you can get them for $40 or less. Other than that they currently have vests and sweaters for under $20.

Shop consignment – There’s a whole bunch of consignment stores that offer good deals on boots and accessories. One tip to look dressier is to wear accessories. Stylise with gold or silver chained necklaces, bangles, elegant pendants and earrings rather than dog tag necklaces and baseball caps and you can get a totally different look.

Outlets – Outlets are known to sell items at a cheap price. However it’s also said that they sell items that are not as good quality as they are in the malls. That there are specific items produced by that brand specifically to be sold in outlets. But it’s also preference as well and personally I find it easier to shop for smaller sizes at outlets and there’s more varieties. The quality I never found too bad and I would always find something on sale.

yard sale clothes
Yard Sale Clothes

Yard Sale/Garage Sale – Perhaps it’s time to get rid of some sneakers or ripped jeans you have in order to afford a pair of dress pants. Try holding a sale in the summer and visit a neighbour’s yard sale too to collect some new condition items that are probably worn once or twice. Many people advertise these in sites such as craigslist and there are good brand names like Juicy Couture, Gap, Banana Republic, Mexx, etc. But don’t always just look at the brand for dressy clothes. Make sure you wear the style that fits your body.

Shop off season – Buy things when they are going out of season. It’s currently summer in August but it will be Fall very soon. All the summer items are going on sale. Purchase that short sleeved blouse and dressy capri pants now! Cause you know you’ll need them for next summer if not now

Shop online – If you are sure of your size and measurements, shop online for discounts. Sometimes there’s more stock online than there is at the stores. Try Forever21.com or GoJane.com. They have an awesome selection of women’s clothing for great prices. A lot of good styles are $20 or less and don’t forget to check their clearance section.

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